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Build your Physique the way YOU want! With Access to our unique, Hand Built Workout Plans for anyone, either Man or Woman, Gym or Home Workout ranging from 5 to 60+ Minutes. We got it All!

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Get Access to OVER 300 Detailed Video Exercises with Instructions and an Advanced Search Function so YOU Find Your Exercise ON DEMAND!


Take Advantage of our Nutrition Calculators, Kcalories, BMI and more. Find out now how much food you need to consume in order to lose weight or build muscle.

Workout Plans

Enjoy your favorite workouts, built by the best Coaches for Everyone. This is not a joke, when I hear a coach saying “Personalized this – Personalized that”, all it comes to mind is “Yeah, RIGHT!”. In the age of Information, we all want the same thing. RESULTS! And these are what we will deliver you! 

With our leading Exercise Video Library, containing OVER 300 Videos(Adding more every month). You can have ANY exercise ON DEMAND, just search for your exercise or apply your filters and you have your exercise. No matter if you are a beginner or and advanced trainee, our platform is suitable for everyone!

ViralPhysique was created to deliver only the most effective Workout Plans in the lowest possible price, while being as detailed as possible! That is where you can see our plans EFFICIENCY! While a month of our content could be worth over 1000$(per month) We built our platform in a way where we can offer our memberships at a very low price. 

HUGE Exercise Video Library

We add the Exercise in Tube & Flix! Enjoy a plethora of Exercise Videos ON DEMAND! Our library can be used by anyone! Whether you want to get a good guide for your exercise plan, or you are a professional looking to get inspired for your clients workout! 
Easy to use and intuitive are the words that can describe our library. Use it for your Home workouts, or your Equipment heavy gym training. Just type in your exercise and start working out the DIY way!

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We don’t like ads either. That is why we decided to offer everyone the best possible experience without interruptions. Whether that is by using our videos, or browsing through our website or even by using our upcoming mobile apps. so that you exercise with no pauses or annoyance.

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If you need details about our body ups and down and don’t have enough time to visit respective places then do visit our Fitness Calculators and get your Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Fat Index (BFI) and much more.


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