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Build your Physique the way YOU want. With your access to our unique exercise platform you will find exercises to tone up your body, with or without exercise equipment.

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At ViralPhysique you will find ANY exercise you want along with demonstrational video and description on how to execute. Each individual exercise was created with great care by our own Exercise & Fitness Specialist.

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Burn those extra pounds with ease. Just log in and follow our instructional exercises and set your metabolism on fire.

The 3 levels of viralPhysique

level 1
Free Education

We believe in education, thus our first and outmost priority is to provide the basics in exercise guidance by providing our unique and easy to use exercise library where you will find hundreds of exercise along with videos and instructions on how to execute. This way we build with you the foundations to follow a complete exercise plan(see Level 2), and a comprehensive workout plan(see level 3) with ease and safety.

level 2

This is where it all comes together, our daily workout plans are built to show you exactly how to exercise according to the muscle part of your choice and your desired difficulty level. Here you not only get a series of exercises put together with a certain goal, you will also get the complete guidance of each exercise which is also found on Level 1, thus you always know how to execute an exercise.

level 3

At Level 3 we have our own custom built Workout plans which will cover an extensive period of time (4-12weeks) so you get in the best shape of your life with ease and convenience. By combining levels 1 and 2 we have successfully built our most instructional Workout plans, anyone can follow from day 1 to the last day!  

Level 1: Education tool / Exercise Guide

Exercise section

At ViralPhysique you will find hundreds of exercise videos with instructions on how to execute, tips and more. counting 260 exercises and adding more every month. We set the goal of creating the largest video exercise library in the world so you never miss an exercise, ever! Such a tool is worth more than €1000! it’s like having your personal instructor 24/7 by your side! And we are giving it for free to use!

search function

you will find it easier than ever to find any exercise in a matter of seconds with the included search functionality, just type the exercise or just a key word and you have your exercise!

filtering system

What muscle? But I don’t have any equipment! Don’t worry about anything, with our sophisticated filtering option you can find your exercises according to your selection of your targeted muscle, your available equipment and of course according to your fitness level – Available for Beginners, Intermediates and advanced

Level 2: Expert Built Daily Workouts

Daily workout section

Dozens of Daily Workouts are waiting for you to explore and follow, this gives you the freedom to choose how you will workout and when you will workout. jump in to this section and start burning fat and build a more muscular and lean physique. Mind that each workout could be worth more than €40, as many trainers charge up to €50 per session!

goal oriented

filter in the workouts that matter to you! That is, you want to build more muscle, lose fat, tone up, get stronger and many more… Here at ViralPhysique we have you covered. If we don’t, then just send us a message and within a few days you will have the workout you want.

Difficulty & Duration filtering

You don’t have to be an expert to start working out, our daily workouts are suitable for different fitness levels, from beginners to advanced, our plans are carefully built to train anyone with safety and assurance. Plus, while we are aware that most of our users have very little to no time, we have addressed this issue by building time efficient workouts suitable for the stay at home mom or dad, to the busiest business man or woman who might get 5 minutes to workout at the office.

Level 3: Life Transforming Workout Plans

No more pdf workouts

we will never use pdf files to show you our plans. we always provide of the highest quality, interactive and dynamic experience. Feel free to navigate into our workout section whenever you like and choose between the sections – from daily workouts to your nutrition plan!

workout plan - nutrition plan

we are pledged to release at least one full workout plan per week(worth of each plan is over €300) which will also include a  sample nutrition plan which will cover a large portion of our users(mind that some some users have allergies and Health problems). 

your total content worth

as a professional instructor with many years worth of training and workouts. i can reassure you that what you pay for a membership here is less than 1% of the total worth of the content you receive. 

lets calculate it -> cost of exercise guide (€1000+)+(€50*10)+(€300*10) = €4500 worth of content with just a €10,5 membership! and those are starter numbers.  

any device - on demand - Ad Free

with your account you can watch your favorite workout plans and exercise videos on any device. Mobile, tablet and even TV. Carefree with no promotional interruptions. 

*Ad free experience when a member upgrades to Platinum or VIP


If you need details about our body ups and down and don’t have enough time to visit respective places then do visit our Fitness Calculators and get your Body Mass Index (BMI) and become our Membership and gain access to Body Fat Index (BFI), One-Rep Max, Daily Calorie Intake, Calories Burned per Day and to our Professional Diet Calculator for more accurate results.



ViralPhysique is a fitness platform, created to provide the complete exercise Instructional experience by providing video and instructions of each individual exercise. All this while we constantly update the platform with new exercises and plans for more features in the near future.

Yes, you can! BUT! You know you can TRUST US for the descriptions and Demonstrational videos designed by our team of experts including our own Fitness Expert and Professional Animator which took countless months to create, design and animate. PLUS, OUR EXERCISE SECTION IS FREE!

We are aware that some of the content can be found online(yes we don’t live under a rock :p), that is why our pricing is the lowest you can get so that it allows us to create more UNIQUE exercise plans and content that will exceed your expectations and help us expand and upgrade the features that you will experience on our site.

Just hit any of the ‘Start Free Trial’ Buttons and you will get to choose your membership. Once you make your choice you will be redirected to the stripe platform where you will add your payment information and you will get access to our exercise section. Note that Stripe is one of the safest payment gateways that accepts all major Credit Cards and payment methods available.

Just log in, and open your account and just click on the subscriptions tab. There you will find your active subscription where you will just click on Cancel, and that’s it.

Yes, it works with pretty much any device available as long as it has a compatible web browser.

Yes, you can install our web based app straight through your browser on your android device(sorry iOS users, we are working on it :))

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