Build your Physique the way YOU want. With your access to our unique exercise platform you will find exercises to tone up your body, with or without exercise equipment.

No.1 FREE Exercise Platform

At ViralPhysique you will find ANY exercise you want along with demonstrational video and description on how to execute. Each individual exercise was created with great care by our own Exercise & Fitness Specialist.

Burn Fat

Burn those extra pounds with ease. Just log in and follow our instructional exercises and set your metabolism on fire.

The 3 levels of viralPhysique

level 1
Free Education

We believe in education, thus our first and outmost priority is to provide the basics in exercise guidance by providing our unique and easy to use exercise library where you will find hundreds of exercise along with videos and instructions on how to execute. This way we build with you the foundations to follow a complete exercise plan(see Level 2), and a comprehensive workout plan(see level 3) with ease and safety.

level 2

This is where it all comes together, our daily workout plans are built to show you exactly how to exercise according to the muscle part of your choice and your desired difficulty level. Here you not only get a series of exercises put together with a certain goal, you will also get the complete guidance of each exercise which is also found on Level 1, thus you always know how to execute an exercise.

level 3

At Level 3 we have our own custom built Workout plans which will cover an extensive period of time (4-12weeks) so you get in the best shape of your life with ease and convenience. By combining levels 1 and 2 we have successfully built our most instructional Workout plans, anyone can follow from day 1 to the last day!  

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